Wilo Pumps

Building Services Products

“Powerful”, “Reliable”, and “Maintenance-Free” all come to mind when selecting a Wilo pump. If you value top performance and low energy consumption, our high-efficiency pumps are the ones for you.   GOES Heating Systems offer Wilo Pumps in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, TX.

Our Philosophy

WILO’s success is supported by many pillars. And by values that we pursue without compromise. Wilo provides the technology and expertise for the operation and application of high-value pumps and pump systems for heating and cooling technology, air-conditioning, water supply and sewage disposal. The Wilo brand and all associated product brands under the Wilo umbrella set the standard for technical performance and efficiency. This is supported by an outstanding service offer in all European countries and increasingly in other countries, from Asia to North America.

Our Motives

Wilo has set itself the objective of growing profitably by creating customer added value. However, our demands go way beyond the simple fulfillment of customer requirements, because pump systems are of decisive importance for the primary needs of life and for conserving our environment for future generations. In addition, we aim to use the higher efficiency and lower life cycle costs of our products to achieve economic success for wholesalers, craftsmen, planners and, last but not least, the users of our systems.

Our Future

With technical progress, requirements for the efficiency and reliability of systems for conveying fluids also continually grow. For this reason, Wilo is continuing to expand its application expertise and is increasingly applying it to adjacent market segments. We are deeply ingrained in the methods and principles of German engineering technology.