The gas-fired Futera III brings the field-proven performance of Futera boilers and water heaters to even higher levels of efficiency and reliability. Featuring full modulation with 4:1 turndown, the Futera III supplies the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing and wasting energy. These dependable, easy-to-service boilers feature rugged construction and sleek, stainless steel jacket design. Models range from 500-1999 MBH. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in domestic hot water and hydronic heating applications, the Futera III is your heating solution.


Futera III Installation Manual w/HeatNet

Futera III Installation Manual

Futera III Warranty

Futera III 1500 Plan View Drawing

Futera III 1250 Plan View Drawing

Futera III Variable Low Temperature Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Futera III Two Heaters / Two Vertical Tanks

Futera III Single Boiler / Primary/Secondary / Low Temperature

Futera III Single Boiler / Primary/Secondary

Futera III One Heater / One Vertical Tank

Futera III Multiple Boilers / Primary/Secondary

Futera III Submittal Data Cover Sheet

Futera III 750 Plan View Drawing

Futera III 500 Plan View Drawing

Futera III 2000 Plan View Drawing

Futera III 1750 Plan View Drawing

Futera III 1000 Plan View Drawing


Standard Equipment:
Up to 88% Efficiency
Full Modulation with smooth, 4:1 turndown
Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
Symmetrically Air/Fuel Coupled
Low NOx
Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
Gasketless Heat Exchanger Assembly
Mesh Burner
ASME Pressure Relief Valve Mounted
Solid State Pump Contactor
Alarm Contacts
Low Air Pressure Switch
Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
Heat Exchanger Drain Valves
Temperature/Pressure Gauge (Boilers)
Flow Switch Mounted and Wired
Flame Safeguard Control
Enable/Disable Contacts
Manual Reset High Limit
Pump Delay Control
Intake Air Filter
Aluminum Impeller Variable Speed Blower
Quick Release Latches
Stainless Steel Jacket Panels
Leak Test Valves
FM/CSD-1 Compliant Gas Train
HeatNet™ Control
Full Linear Modulation Control
Integrated Boiler Management System
Diagnostic Annunciator
4-20mA External Modulation Contact
Inlet/Outlet Temperature Sensors
Common Header Supply Sensor 10K (shipped loose)
Alarm Bell
MODBUS standard protocol
Propane Gas
Cupronickel Heat Exchanger
Wired & Mounted Flange
5’ Pump Pigtail
Main Flame Status Contact
Low Gas Pressure Switch
High Gas Pressure Switch
C.A.D. Dry Contact
Freeze Protection Kit
Outdoor Sensor with Housing
Keyboard Display Module
Vent Termination Hood
Air Intake Hood
Pump (shipped loose)
BACnet ProtoCessor
LonWorks ProtoCessor
Outdoor Installation

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