Wall Hung

B2HA Wall Hung


Performance and efficiency

The Vitodens 200 is one of the most efficient and powerful wall-mounted condensing boilers on the market. By itself, it is ideally suited for residential applications. But in a cascade system, the Vitodens 200 becomes a powerful commercial heating system capable of satisfying even the largest commercial heating loads. Equipped with proven Viessmann technology, including the MatriX cylinder burner and Inox-Radial heat exchanger, the Vitodens 200 delivers outstanding performance. Plus, with the Lambda Pro® combustion management system, each Vitodens 200 in your cascade system will operate at maximum efficiency, reducing heating costs without compromising comfort.

Strength in numbers

As many as eight Vitodens 200 gas-fired condensing boilers can be combined in a single prefabricated cascade system, with inputs up to 4240 MBH. A cascade system fires boilers as required to meet fluctuating heating demands; it maintains maximum efficiency at all times by precisely matching the load.

A cascade system can also prevent interruption of heating plant operation, with multiple boilers available as back-up.

Portable and convenient

The Vitodens 200 cascade system is your most flexible installation option for problematic retrofits and small spaces. The prefabricated distribution manifold can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted (five to eight boilers backto-back only), and is available in a variety of configurations: single-line, corner or back-toback for ultimate installation flexibility.

With all components individually packaged, the cascade system is ideal for small or difficultto-access boiler rooms or facilities with narrow halls or stairwells.

Easy installation

The Low-Loss Header increases operational efficiency of a cascade system by ensuring low return temperatures and acting as a hydraulic break – decoupling boilers and system circuits. Right or left-mount, the Low-Loss Header allows the cascade to be installed in a variety of configurations. The system’s prefabricated distribution manifold allows boilers to be easily field assembled, wired and piped prior to system installation.


  • For two to eight Vitodens 200, B2HA boilers in a single cascade
  • Manifolds hydrostatically tested to 100 psig and alignment inspected
  • Vitotronic 300-K control with outdoor reset function and integration with BMS (additional components required)
  • All ANSI flange connections

Benefits at a glance

  • Outstanding performance with Vitodens 200 and Lambda Procombustion management system
  • Maximum efficiency with high turndown that precisely matches load
  • Simplified boiler system layout as manifold and Low-Loss Header provide complete primary loop
  • Multiple boilers secure against interruption of heating plant operation
  • Boilers easily assembled and hydraulically connected prior to installation with prefabricated manifold
  • Flexible installation with multiple manifold configurations: wall-mounted, floor standing, corner or back-to-back
  • Right or left-mount Low-Loss Header acts as hydraulic break and helps eliminate air and debris
  • Ideal for small or difficult-to-access boiler rooms or facilities with narrow halls and stairwells All serviceable components easily accessible from the front
  • No pipe or manifold sizing required
  • Offered in packaged system
  • Common venting up to four boilers