Top S – 1 Phase by Wilo Pumps in Houston, TX

Commercial Wet Rotor Circulators
All types of Hot Water Systems
Closed Cooling Circuits
Air Conditioning Systems
Industrial Circulation
Water/Glycol concentrations up to 50%
Solar / Geothermal
Special features / product benefits
No mechanical seal
Quiet, low maintenance wet rotor circulator
Two-speed operation on all voltages
Automatically vented
Cataphoresis coating prevents corrosion
Sturdy cast aluminum electrical box
Short flange to flange dimension
Most extensive wet rotor line in the industry!
Technical data
Max Temp Range: 14 to 248°F (-10 to 120°C)
Amb Temp Range: 32°F – 104°F (0°C – 40°C)
Electrical Connection: 1~115v, 1~230v
Max Working Pressure: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
Materials of Construction:
Cast Iron, Cataphoresis Coated Volute
Engineered Composite Impeller
Stainless Steel Shaft
Carbon, Metal Impregnated Bearing
H Protection Class