Thermal Storage Systems

Thermogenetic™ Heat Side Thermal Storage Systems

Shifting Electrical Load for Big Savings

The key to Thermal Storage is to be able to put energy in at the proper time and get it out when it is needed.

Precision Boilers’ high temperature hot water Thermal Storage System is able to do just that. Energy is put in the vessel when it is cost effective, stored, and extracted when it is needed.

Being able to control this process without an interruption to the comfort level is what makes Thermal Storage so desirable. Most commercial utility charges are made up of at least two parts: (1) an energy usage charge for kilowatt hours used and (2) a demand charge for having the capacity available to deliver electricity when it is needed.

By deferring or shifting electrical load to a different time, one can level the total load and balance the electrical profile of a building. When the consumer is able to level his own individual building electrical demand profile, substantial savings can be realized over the cost of operating a conventional boiler or water heater.

Many utilities are willing to reward customers who will assist them with leveling the utilities’ power usage spikes with better rates. These “off peak” or “time of day” rates actually require the customer to be off line for time periods up to sixteen hours with savings of 25% to 50% from peak time rates.

Key Advantages

• Lower electrical costs
• Saves electricity charges by reducing demand and taking advantage of
off peak rates
• Compatible with ice/chilled water storage systems