Support for Heating Equipments

Support for Heating Equipment by Goes Heating Systems

Support for Heating Equipment by Goes Heating Systems

Support for Heating Equipment by Goes Heating Systems

Ancillary Parts

Every building is unique so being able to apply a boiler/water heater into space anywhere in a building could require additional equipment to ensure the boiler is operating under near perfect conditions. A Boiler/ Water Heater will consume fuel to heat a medium. Ensuring the requirements of the given fuel sources and that the medium can be maintained is equally important to the correct selected product.

What is required for gas-fired equipment?

Combustion Air/Venting

To meet current emission Texas requirements having adequate combustion air and proper exhaust venting is vital to meeting these codes. Representing a company that specializes in a draft for boilers is a piece of mind that a product will function in a +400 degrees F constant scenarios and acidic condensing scenario while maintaining all current city code requirements. Knowing when a CO monitor is required and how to interlock can be achieved via the fan controller and monitor. Know when code requires is something that Goes Heating Systems deals with every day. Please contact us if you have any drafting or CO Monitor concerns.

Click here for more information Goes Heating Systems Fan Assistance Products.

Retrofit Applications?

New equipment on old systems is challenging because knowledge of the old system is required. Additional piping might be required to install new equipment. Also finding potential issues that were initially installed can only come from having years of experience in the industry. We are strong believers that protecting the brand new equipment should be designed and installed on every job. If an owner is spending money on brand new equipment it is our commitment to making sure that that product last. The only way to confidently be able to know our products will last is having the supporting products also have the same view as Goes Heating Systems on protecting the new equipment.

Eliminating potential debris and air is vital to a heating system. Having products and understanding which one or a combination to apply is why Goes Heating Systems stands out above the rest. We want the product to last in the systems that it is installed to.

ECM Circulating Pump – Booster Pump

Goes Heating Systems is always pushing the advancement side of the heating industry. We feel that ECM technology is the future. It turns a fraction HP pump into one of the systems highest efficient pieces of equipment. It not only decreases energy consumption and requires less inrush current to start the pump out of the box, but allows a system visibility. You can pull data directly from the unit and hook up to a BMS system. So know you know what is going on not only with the system pump but those smaller pumps as well. This allows for fine adjustment of the system that can lead to dramatic savings. We want to be the innovators of systems not just giving people something that works. If ECM pumps is something that interest you please give us a call we would be honored to look at a system and help answer any questions you have.

Booster Pumps

Domestic Pressure is needed for any building over 4 stories.  Supplying only extra pressure when needed is key to maximizing the energy savings. Having a pre-assembled skidded system with integrated controls should be the current industries standards. We can supply multiple redundant pumps for any pressure required for a building. Please feel free to contact us for further questions.