May 4, 2010

Solar in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio

Goes Heating Systems of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio is a manufacturers representative of Viessmann for Solar Energy Systems such as…

  • Vacuum Tube And Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • Solar Integrated Control System 

How does a SOLAR SYSTEM work?  A solar system captures solar radiation through a solar collector.  A heat transfer fluid inside the collector heats up and is pumped to a heat exchanger where the absorbed heat is transmitted to the drinking water or heating circuit.  The cooled heat transfer fluid is pumped back to the collector and the cycle is repeated.  Depending on your current hot water heating system, there are two primary ways of the integrating a solar hot water system.  A solar preheat system which feeds preheated hot water from a solar tank into your existing hot water tank.  Or a dual-coil single-tank system, where the hot water is heated by both the boiler and the solar collector.

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