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Caleffi NA 546 Air/Dirt/ Magnetic Separator

Caleffi produces air elimination & hydronic solutions for industries and commercial applications.  They have a wide range of Pre-Engineered Solar Water Heaters, Caleffi Solar Components, Caleffi GEO Components, QuickSetter™ and FlowCal™ Balancing Valves, HYDROCAL™ 3-in-1 Air, Dirt and Hydraulic Separator, Z-one™ Zone Valves, Hydro Separator, HydroLink™: Hydronic Separator – Manifold, DISCAL® Air Separator, Boiler Trim Kits, DIRTCAL® Dirt Separator, DISCALDIRT® Air and Dirt Separator, Automatic Air Vent for Heating Systems and Radiators, TwistFlow™ Manifold & Assembled Distribution Manifolds for Radiant Panel Systems, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Pre-adjustable Filling Units and Backflow Preventer, Ice and Snow Detectors and Sensors, Snap-on thermometer, Automatic air vent valve DISCALAIR SOLAR, DISCAL SOLAR air separator, Differential temperature regulator, Circulation units, Z-one™ – Get in the Zone with Caleffi Zone Valves, SOLAR line – adjustable mixing valve for solar systems, and SOLAR line – adjustable mixing valves.

Caleffi aims to guarantee that energy and raw materials are used sparingly, respecting the environment we live in as far as possible.

Caleffi aims to assure continuous training, which we feel is crucial for being able to face the challenges presented by the continuous evolution of technology.

In order to assure that their Quality Management System is in agreement with the requirements specified in the reference standard, Caleffi has undertaken to assure that customer and product requirements are identified, defined and satisfied in order to increase customer satisfaction, develop a system of continual improvement, establish pursuable business goals, achieve the organizational and relational conditions suited to promote the goals identified and have the company in its entirety comprehend the importance of the contents of the Quality policy.


Caleffi NA 549 Hydrolic Separator 3 in 1

Goes Heating Systems feels that pairing our selection of boilers with Caleffi’s hydronic parts truly increases the overall performance, and longevity of a heating system. We understand that renovations is a large portion of the commercial industry and that upgrading existing systems is not as simple as taking out an old boiler and placing in a new one. We want the equipment to operate at its design criteria and Caleffi has products that allow the boilers to marry both the system side and boiler side. Goes Heating Systems is always thrilled to evaluate your system and teach anyone what we see as important to there systems. We have 50+ years combined experience in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio industry and would like that to be a tool for the owner, contractor, and  local onsite HVAC tech. We look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to contact us about any Caleffi products.

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