SD & TDV by Wilo Pumps in Houston, TX

Suction Diffusers & Triple Duty Valves
Special features / product benefits
Suction Diffuser
Available in 2”x 1½” through 12”x 12”
Integrally cast stabilizing vanes
Separate fine mesh screen surrounds each perforated screen
Cast on pads for convenient mounting of standard I.D. support foot
Class 125 (175 PSI)
Efficient design results in no need for a 90° elbow, strainer or stabilizing piping
Cast iron body
Triple Duty Valve
Available in 1½” through 12” pipe size
Schrader valve metering connections
Memory stop which avoids the need for resetting after shut-down
Plug position indicator and calibrated scale for system balancing and flow regulation
Spring loaded clapper allows the valve to be installed horizontally 1½” through 8” vertically
Dual O-ring stem seals
Non-lubricated operation
Bubble-tight shut-off
In-line serviceability
Cast iron body