Reglassing Services

Reglassing The Vessel

If your existing agitator or baffle is damaged, Niles Steel Tank can offer an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. Niles Steel Tank can reglass your agitator, baffle manway cover or other glass lined parts when it is no longer usable.

How the process works:

  • Send in your part that needs to be reglassed to our facility in Niles, Michigan.
  • Once we receive it, the old glass lining will be removed.
  • A certified ASME code welder will inspect the piece and make any necessary recommendations for repairs to the steel.
  • Once approved, and repairs are made, the part is “reglassed” and delivered with the same quality as purchased new.


  1. Remove all chemical residue from your unit
  2. Complete and submit the Reglassing Form (available on the internet)
  3. Provide all appropriate (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheets