Power Flame Type X4 Micro Burner

Power Flame’s X4 Micro Burner™

X4 Micro Burner

We are pleased to introduce our latest gas burner to the market, the Series “X4″ Micro Burner™. The X4 is a versatile 4″ diameter gas burner capable of firing natural or LP gas from 150 MBH to 725 MBH. The X4 family of gas burners has the capability of firing against a positive backpressure of 1.5 inches W.C. As a result, X4 burners are adaptable to a very broad range of heating and process applications. The burners provide a new level of performance, more efficient and robust than any other 4” diameter burners in the marketplace.  X4 features industrial quality heavy gauge air housing that offers superior performance than the light gauge metal found in similar size units. The unique patened gas manifold/diffuser firing head allows fuel and air to mix rapidly and thoroughly, creating a stable, compact flame. The gas pilot assembly design ensures reliable ignition of the main flame. The burners can be supplied with 9″ or 12″ blast tube lengths. Like all Power Flame burners, each X4 is tested prior to being packaged for “off the shelf” delivery.
The X4 comes in two sizes: the X4-400 has a maximum firing rate of 400 MBH while the X4-700 has a maximum rating of 725 MBH. Each burner comes complete with a blower assembly, graduated air damper, totally enclosed control panel, 24 Volt flame safeguard control with flame rod, intermittent pilot, combustion air flow switch, prepiped and prewired gas train, and a complete set of orifices for natural or LP gas. UL, CUL and ANSI (X4-400 only) Listings are pending. A direct spark version of the X4-400 is available (Model X4-400DS).