Power Flame Type NVC

Power Flame’s NOVA Plus™ Burner


Power Flame’s NOVA PLUS™ Ultra Low NOx gas burner achieves Sub 9 to12 PPM NOx emission levels on a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications. The burner relies on a patented, fully premixed surface stabilized combustion technology to minimize NOx emissions and assure complete combustion with minimal CO emissions. The Nova Plus™ achieves these performance levels without the use flue gas re-circulation. The Nova Plus™ is offered for firing rates between 2,000 and 14,700 MBTU/HR.

The NOVA Plus is a field proven system (with over 100 operating installations) designed to meet today’s most stringent emission requirements. Power Flame provides a U.L. Listed, factory tested package tailored to your job specific requirements. The NOVA Plus™ is suitable for use on all types of boiler and other heat exchanger applications. It will operate with uniform heat flux and excellent flame stability over a broad range of operating conditions.