Power Flame Type FDM


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Type FDM

Power Flame’s Modulating High Turndown Air Heating Gas Burner The Power Flame Type FDM Burner is specifically designed to fire process air heating appliances that require heat application directly to the system air stream for direct or indirect fired combustion chambers. This new generation burner is especially well suited for applications that move large quantities of air at high velocity. Factory fire tested and shipped as a complete assembly, all FDM burners can be ordered with optional gas train and combustion control system or as a basic burner assembly only. The high tech combustion head design allows for turndowns in excess of 20 to 1 on-ratio and short flame lengths while maintaining excellent flame stability across the entire modulating range. The FDM uses a simple linkage arrangement that modulates the air damper for on ratio fuel and air adjustments through the full firing range. Welded steel construction insures dependable operation, long service life and low maintenance requirements.