Pipes and Fittings – Glass Lining

Niles Steel Tank has a premier glass-lining facility located in Niles, Michigan. The impressive manufacturing facility is 110,000 sq. ft. Niles Steel Tank has been providing high quality glass-lining since 2004. We have a dedicated and experienced staff that can meet all your needs.

All Niles Steel Tank glass lining is completed in the Niles, Michigan facility. Niles offer three types of glasses, Niles Steel Shield, Ultonium and Ultonium II. Niles Steel Shield is a chemical resistant glass and is formulated to withstand chemical etching in the harshest environments. Niles Steel Shield has excellent bonding capabilities, temperature and mechanical shock deltas. Ultonium glass lining is designed for less corrosive applications where steel protection is not as critical. Niles is capable of glass lining pipes and fittings of any size and shape type.

The glass lining applied to pipe and fittings shall be vitreous material which is hard, smooth, continuous and formulated to prevent the adherence of grease in sludge and scum lines, and to resist the adherence of crystalline metal salt deposits to sludge and centrate lines in sewage and wastewater treatment plants. It shall be applied to properly prepared pipe and fittings.