Non Condensing (80%-85% Efficient)

Non Condensing (80%-85% Efficient)

Non-Condensing Boilers are one of the most economical ways to upgrade your boiler equipment to meet latest code requirements. Majority of the equipment will require CAT I venting and have limited capability in turn down and stage firing.  Since they are the least efficient equipment majority have the minimum requirements for controls and integration to a BMS system and diagnosis help.  Maintenance will require additional time to diagnosis and service due to the limited controls for diagnosis output. Remember this is an economical boiler and the least efficient boiler you can get to meet modern day code requirements for our region. We offer in house training classes, located in Houston, for the equipment to keep the service and diagnoses time to a minimum. We are here to assist in any possible way.

Requirements for this type of boiler are the following. Hot water return loop temp cannot drop below 140 degrees F. If loop temp does drop below 140 ͦF equipment will be susceptible to condensing in the combustion chamber. Condensing a boiler is a physical property of exhaust reaching its dew point temperature. The byproduct is condensate that is acidic and will collect sulfur from natural gas from combustion. The end product is an eroded leaking heat exchanger with a bad heat transfer. Protection should be provided for the equipment to insure that 140 ͦF temperature water can always be supplied to the inlet of the boiler to avoid condensing in the heat exchanger and flue. Goes Heating Systems follow this rule of thumb and will quote proper ancillary equipment that we feel is a standard in boiler operation and design for our region. Feel free to contact us if you would like further information.

The list below is what Goes Heating System has in this efficiency range from each manufacture and there equivalent model. Click onto the name or picture to get general information for that specific unit. If you need more information or have any questions please feel free to contact us.







28HE RTS28he-steam-oil-gas-boiler

Futera II

Futera II