HVJ High Voltage Electrode Boiler

Model HVJ:  Taking Advantage of Technology

Dramatically reduce energy costs using off-peak power

The Precision Boilers Model HVJ provides virtually instant steam when started.  The boiler is 99.97% efficient, compared to approximately 80% efficiency for typical gas boilers. The electric boiler also produces better quality steam and eliminates the need for moisture separators in the lines.  Maintenance costs are much lower than for its gas counterparts.

The HVJ also allows facilities to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates, generating steam during these times at much lower cost.  Control systems allow monitoring and review of energy usage, and allow adjustments to improve efficiency.  It is ideal for fuel-switching strategies. In fact, some utilities have implemented programs that will pay for equipment installation of HVJ boilers to allow companies to start effective fuel-switching programs.  For more details, e-mail us.

It’s one of the most remarkable innovations in the industry.

Key Advantages

▪ Lower Installed Capital Cost
▪ Smaller Size
▪ Few Proprietary Spare Parts
▪ Lower Maintenance Costs
▪ Higher Reliability
▪ Less Water Treatment
▪ Lower Insurance Costs
▪ More Forgiving to Operator Error
▪ Faster Start-Up
▪ Full Modulation from 0-100% Output
▪ No Possible “Cold Water” Shock Damage
▪ Higher Efficiency – 99.5% @ 100% Output
– will not decrease over time
– performance studies/tests not required
▪ Rapid Response to Load Swings
▪ (0-100% Output Change in < 5 seconds)
▪ Better Steam Quality (99.5% Pure)
▪ No Possible Damage from “Low Water” Condition
▪ No Chance of “Catastrophic” Failure
(i.e., Fireside Explosion)
▪ Environmentally Friendly – No Products of Combustion


Noteworthy  HVJ Boiler Installations

▪ 3M
▪ AnMed Medical
Augusta Tissue
▪ Capsugel/Pfizer
▪ Delta TOC
▪ Gold-Kist
▪ Hoi Mor
▪ Kerr-McGee
▪ Linpac Paper
▪ Metrolina
▪ Mar-Jac Poultry
▪ Nestle
▪ Princess Cruises
▪ Quantegy
▪ Rock-Tenn
▪ R.R. Donnelly
Slay Bulk
▪ Tyson
▪ Wrigley


  HVJ High Voltage Electrode Boiler