Low Nox Burners for Houston, Austin, and San Antonio

Low Nox Burners

GOES Heating Systems is one of the only boiler companies achieving outstanding “green” heating systems.  We custom build several of the industries leading solar powered heating systems and continue to improve our efficiency.  Our goal is to bring companies “green” boiler systems that are low-cost and able to run on their own power in the near future.  Ask us about our current technology and how we can help your company in being more “green”.  We have several LEED compliant boiler solutions for your facilities needs.  In fact, we helped design the boiler systems for the totally “green” Ronald McDonald House in Austin.  Take a look at our virtual tours!  We will always carry the latest and greatest in low NOx techniques to allow for low volumetric heat release.  Ensuring longevity of your boiler by easing the work load of your Low NOx Burner!
More tangible cost savings are defined when comparing the energy efficiencies of gas heaters with low NOx emissions with conventional flued types. Gas heaters with emission problems are flued and inherently lose substantial energies in the form of hot flue gases to the atmosphere. In addition, the choice of placement of flued heaters is greatly impaired due to flue installation restrictions.
In contrast, dedicated low emission gas heaters do not require a flue system. Furthermore, with the introduction of oxygen depletion sensors and thermostatic controls, they do not place critical reliance on ventilation as previously was the case. These heaters can be positioned more conveniently and centralised to affect optimum warm air distribution. By definition unflued low NOx gas heaters are 100% efficient as all heat energy released from the flame is converted to useful heat.
Here are a few of our Low NOx Burners available for sale:

Weishaupt High Efficiency Low Nox Burners

– Oil, gas and dual-fuel burners
   – W Series
   – WM monarch series
   – Large burners
   – Burners with multiflam technology
   – Industrial burners
   – Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR)
– BMS & control technology
   – Control Technology
Webster Boiler Biomass Low Nox Burners
– JB Series
   – JB1
   – JB2
   – JB3
– HDRV Series
– HDS Series