Industrial Steam Tray Type DA

Tray Type Deaerator

FeaturesIS Tray Type

  • COUNTER FLOW TRAY design deaerator provides guaranteed removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of .005 cc/liter from 5% to 100% of deaerator capacity.
  • ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION FOR MODULATING DEAERATOR LEVEL control includes a HART compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller, and motorized control valve.
  • MULTIPLE DEAERATOR CONFIGURATIONS: vertical single tank, standard “tank car” type, or flanged heater section, all providing the same high quality deaeration.
  • ONLY STAINLESS STEEL components come in contact with undeaerated water. Deaerator trays and tray box are all stainless steel.
  • S.M.E.Code and National Board stamped receivers – 50 psi. Standard vessel options include stress relieving, non-destructive testing and full vacuum.
  • CUSTOM ENGINEERED PACKAGED DEAERATOR SYSTEM includes boiler feedwater pumps and quality components to insure reliable service.
  • Capacity LBS/HR: 6,900-300,000



  • Counter Flow Tray type deaerators are capable of accepting high percentages of condensate returns without adverse effects on performance. This is possible because the deaeration process does not require a flow of steam for scrubbing. All second stage scrubbing is done by the cascading process through the trays. The counter flow design provides maximum performance because the cleanest incoming steam contacts the water that requires final deaeration, thus stripping out the last traces of oxygen.
  • GUARANTEED DEAERATOR PERFORMANCE from 5% to 100% of load standard sizes ranging from 6,900 lbs/hr to 300,000 lbs/hr (up to 1,000,000 #/hr upon request)
  • CUSTOM ENGINEERED PACKAGED DEAERATOR SYSTEM results in a small foot print, minimal onsite installation costs, and a single source of responsibility for all major components.


Makeup water and pumped returns are sprayed into the deaerator tray section through a stainless steel spray nozzle. The spray nozzle provides a thin conical sheet of water that condenses the vapors while permitting oxygen to exit through the vent. The partially deaerated water then begins to cascade through the trays.

The combined makeup and pumped returns are heated with steam that flows upward through the stainless steel trays. The steam vigorously scrubs the dissolved oxygen from the makeup and pumped returns. The trapped returns enter the deaerator storage section. Steam from the returns also flows upward through the deaerator trays, while the water drops to the water level in the deaerator storage section.

The fully deaerated water remains in the deaerator storage section for use by the boiler, while the excess steam flows into the deaerator tray section. Non-condensable gases enter the vent and pass to the atmosphere.

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