Industrial Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel Burners

The all purpose industrial burner

Versatile, robust, powerful: With Weishaupt WK industrial burners, the fan, switchgear, pump station, pre-heat station and gas fittings are arranged separately and can be used in almost any combination. The efficient, low-emission and reliable burner range is predominantly used under extremely hard operating conditions.

  • Digital precision: All main functions, such as fuel and air supplies, are controlled digitally. This increases both convenience and reliability.
  • Minimal emissions: Optimum combustion guarantees low pollution. Operation is NOx-reduced in the gas version.
  • Maximum economy: The digital combustion management system gives outstandingly economical operation.
  • Tremendous versatility: The capacity of the WK series extend up to 75,000,000 BTU/hr.
  • Convenient servicing: Diffuser, nozzle, ignition electrodes, mixing assembly and all components for the control of the oil, gas and air quantities are easily accessible and clearly arranged.
  • Long life: More than 50 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt burner technology. Only the best materials are used in manufacture.


Weishaupt industrial burner, WK80
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Weishaupt industrial burners, WK40 to WK70
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W-FM 100 and W-FM 200 combustion managers
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The Weishaupt Programme
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Weishaupt Burner Selection – The Quick Reference
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