Hydronic Boilers

Hydronic Boiler

Choosing a Hydronic Boiler

Choosing a hydronic boiler is a tedious task because there are so many boiler brands out there today. Nobody wants to be responsible for choosing a piece of equipment that fails or doesn’t meet expectation. Looking at manufactures supplied literature and truly knowing how well a boiler will perform is an impossible task. No manufacture is going to point out its negatives and down falls of their equipment. There is only one truth to all boilers; there is not one boiler type that fits all applications. Hydronic Boiler

Allowing people who have 100+ years of experience in the heating industry guide you in your selection is the safest route.  Goes Heating Systems is the only company in Texas that has that amount of experience in the industry as well as 35+ years experience on the manufacture side and we gratefully share it with customers, contractors, engineers, and owners. We strongly believe this is not only just a buying experience but a learning one as well. We want to empower whomever we are working with on a job to be excited about the boiler equipment, as we are, and be able to explain how it functions and integrates with their new or existing system.

GOES Heating Systems prides itself by choosing to represent the industries leading products in the heating market. We not only carry one brand of boiler, but many, and this is the why we can really choose what boiler makes sense in any given application. If there are preconditions that need to be met of the selected equipment we will gladly evaluate, explain, and educate in order to achieve any requirements. We want to supply heating equipment that is going to exceed their expected life cycle. The only way to achieve this goal is to insure proper application and install.

We need a starting point for choosing a boiler, so for hydronic boilers we have broken up the selection into 3 main categories. To decide, we start off with what efficiency you want to obtain in the heating equipment.  Below are the three categories with their equivalent efficiency and each category lists the boilers in which we can supply you with. Click on whichever desired efficiency you want and a brief explanation of requirements will be there to help decide if this equipment meets your design or existing conditions.  If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Non Condensing (80%-85% Efficient)

Near Condensing (85%-88% Efficient)

Fully Condensing (88%-99% Efficient)