High Efficiency Boilers in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio

Goes Heating Systems of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio is a manufacturers representative of HydroTherm for High Efficiency Boilers such as…

  • Cast Iron Boiler
  • Fully Condensing
  • Up To 98% Efficiency
  • Up To 2,000 MBH
  • Full Modulation Up To 5:1 Turndown
  • Multiple Boiler Controls

What are HIGH EFFICIENCY BOILERS?  High efficiency boilers became popular during the energy crisis in the 1970s because they helped lower consumers’ energy bills. Boilers have an A to G rating for efficiency. It’s always recommended that you choose a boiler that has an A rating. All “A” boilers are condensing boilers.  A high efficiency condensing boiler works by recovering “waste heat” that typically exits a house from the flue of a conventional non-condensing boiler. Its extra-large heat exchanger is corrosion resistant and maximizes the heat transfer from the burner. It also recovers any heat that might otherwise have been lost with flue gases. When it switches to the condensing mode, these flue gases emit their latent heat, which is then recaptured by the heat exchanger in the boiler. The gases coming out of the flue in a condensing boiler have a temperature of 50-60° F as compared to the 120° or more in a non-condensing boiler.

Why should I switch to a HIGH EFFICIENCY BOILER?  Replacing an old boiler with a new high-efficiency condensing boiler could give you immediate savings of about 30% on your heating bills. High efficiency boilers are more than 90% efficient, which means that more than 90% of the gas consumed when the burner is firing is converted into heat for your heating and hot water system.