Fully Condensing Boiler (up to 99% efficiency)

Fully Condensing Boiler (up to 99% efficiency)

Fully Condensing Boilers are the best of all worlds. These are boilers that can maintain any desired temp from 45-180 degree F temp water and are paired with the industries top controls for each boiler. Goes Heating Systems has the largest condensing boiler product line in the state of Texas. We are firm believers that condensing boilers is where the market is heading too and will become a standard in the industry. We also understand the requirements that need to be met to maximize boiler performance. We will gladly evaluate, explain, and educate anyone to insure proper boiler application. Goes Heating Systems carries so many different condensing boiler lines because we have to meet all the preexisting condition of what the customer demands and what is being demanded by the new or existing system without any compromise.  We have options for the customer so they can feel confident in the product selection because we educate them on what they are really buying.  The end user should never feel they had to compromise something in there heating system in order for it to function.

Some Basic requirements are loop temp need to drop to at least 140 to start to obtain any sort of payback of a condensing boiler. If this is not met then you can go in with a near condensing boiler and achieve the same efficiency with less cost to the consumer. The lower the inlet temp you can drop with equal run time will increase your savings due to the increase in efficiency of the equipment to a certain extent. Venting option will be dependent upon on each condensing boiler. Some can be vented in Polypropylene CPVC, and all our condensing boilers are CAT IV and can be vented with AL29-4C Double Wall Stainless Steel venting.


The list below is what Goes Heating System has in this efficiency range from each manufacture and there equivalent model. Click onto the name or picture to get general information for that specific unit. If you need more information or have any questions please feel free to contact us.



Advance Thermal Hydronics (ATH)






Hydrotherm Boiler General Info - ATH-KN series Boiler



Creek XL



Futera Fusion

B2HA- Wall Hung


Creek ST


Fusion XLF

Fusion XLF

Infinite Energy 2Infinate Energy II