Flue Gas Recirculation Burners-Goes Heating Systems

Lowering NOx emission

For application where ultra Low NOx emission is a requirement or for application where operation of standard Low NOx burner is not visible Weishaupt provides FGR system to meet these challenges

  • Flue Gas Recirculation: By using induced FGR system and “state-of-the-art” burner heads, it is possible to meet very strict NOx requirements.
  • Results guaranteed: With precision controlled FGR system results in excellent performance, good turndown, high efficiency and guaranteed NOx levels.
  • Alternative system: FGR is an alternative to multiflam burners where combustion chamber dimensions are tighter.
  • Low NOx levels: Depending on combustion chamber design, dimensions and media temperatures, the NOx levels can be as low as 20 ppm corrected at 3% O2.
  • Components included: Burners with FGR include the following components: Induced FGR flange, system damper, actuator, gaskets, slip on flanges and system controller