Domestic Water Heaters

Domestic Water Heaters

Domestic Water HeatersDomestic Boilers are commonly overlooked in a building system design due to a simple requirement that buildings need hot water for showers, sinks, kitchens, etc. As long as this requirement is met for buildings then the domestic heating system is functioning. Goes Heating Systems looks at domestic heating as an untapped energy saver in buildings. There are many factors that need to be considered to maximize the efficiency and the longevity of your equipment. For example, something as simple as a location of the hot water recirculation can have a great effect on the boilers efficiency. Please feel free to contact us for more questions.

The majority of people tend to overlook the hot water heaters as an energy saving piece of equipment when in reality it has the potential to be the most energy efficient piece of gas equipment in the whole building. There are two main reasons why it has the potential to be one of the most efficient pieces of equipment in the building. One is due to the constant cold water make up coming to the boiler, and two it is a system that will run year round. Water heaters that are designed and installed properly can easily be 96%+ efficient throughout its run time. Pairing that with a system that requires year-round operation allows for a reasonable payback period on equipment.  Also, with the increased demand for LEED certified building, points can be obtained by choosing the correct equipment.  An end customer must consider not only the efficiency of their domestic system but proper installation as well. Installation is not difficult but there are a couple minor things that will maximize the efficiency of the equipment.  Owners want equipment that requires little service and last a long period of time. We offer equipment that is design to last and is warrantied, from the manufacture, for 15+ years.  Goes Heating Systems understands up front cost does play role but we have the knowledge and experience to explain the advantages and disadvantages that allow the owner to make an educated decision on what they want.

Goes Heating Systems has solutions for all domestic applications. There are many ways buildings can acquire domestic hot water and knowing your choices will allow for the right selection. We are thrilled to analyze, educate, and apply all of our knowledge to the designs. We want a domestic boiler to rightfully get its chance to shine in a building system. We understand a high volume; high-rise hotel will need different domestic hot water set up then a multifamily rental home.  Goes Heating Systems has the variety of equipment, knowledge, and experience of application to truly give the customer what they want and need.

Goes Heating Systems represents the largest variety of different heat energy sources for domestic water in the local industry. If the building has high/low-pressure steam, hot water, LP/NG gas, electricity, oil, or solar, we can give you options to achieve hot domestic water. Our equipment is not only reliable but serviceable and we are more than willing to educate the local staff.  If you ever get lost or confused please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you with a selection.  We have organized the domestic boilers by their efficiency. Click on them to go int o further detail.

Non Condensing (80%-85% Efficiency)

Fully Condensing (88%-99% Efficiency)

Steam to Water/ Water to Water