Creek ST

Creek ST Condensing Boiler  98% Efficiency

300-2,000 MBH | 4:1 Modulation

The Creek ST condensing boiler is specifically design to deliver maximum total emissions, while still maintaining a responsive load response and low waterside pressure drop, for both the replacement unit market and new construction. Uniquely constructed with a large volume furnace, dimpled heating surface, and generous water content, the boiler can tolerate extremely low flows approaching zero gallons per minute, making it the most versatile choice for any systems.


Simple Maintenance in Mind

With a burner mounted directly to the robust front door, yearly burner tune-ups or maintenance checks have never been easier. Access to the furnace is provided by an ample, hinge front door which can be opened in a matter of seconds with simple tools. Water Side inspection points are also provided.


Quality Materials

All components in contact with flue gas are made from AISI 316Ti for highest corrosion resistance against acidic condensate in the entire heat exchanger.



  • Sizes from 300-2,000 MBH
  • High Water Volume w/ Low Waterside Pressure Drop Reducing System/Circulating Pump HP
  • Twin Water Return for Maximum Efficiency
  • Complete Heat Exchanger Made w/ 316Ti

Available w/ Low Emissions <9ppm