Copper Finned Boilers in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio

Goes Heating Systems of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio is a manufacturers representative of RBI Water Heaters, Inc. for Copper Finned Boilers such as…

  • Vertical and Horizontal Models
  • Stackable Boilers
  • Low NOx
  • High Efficiency
What is a COPPER FINNED BOILER?  The Copper-Fin Boiler delivers quality performance to the commercial boiler market at a competitive price. And it offers several Built-In-Advantages that competitive models don’t. And with 3″ clearance from combustible walls, the Copper-Fin will fit in tight spaces others won’t. Plus, getting it there is easy, because most models fit through a standard 36″ doorway. The Copper-Fin is easy to operate, reliable and efficient.