Armstrong International


Goes Heating Systems is proud to represent Armstrong International we feel is an industry leader in domestic hot water products.

About Them

Founded in 1900, Armstrong International is a private, fifth-generation family-owned company. Throughout The Great Depression, two world wars, multiple recessions, and so much more, we have continued to evolve, expand and thrive. Today, our global enterprise has more than 3,000 employees and representatives serving the world.

The Armstrong heritage of knowledge and expertise reaches back more than a century, giving us a keen ability to think and plan for the future. We have a uniquely clear, long-term perspective that enables us to serve our customers in ways no other company can. We are proud to put the Armstrong and Bloss family name and reputation on every solution, product and service we offer, and we stand firmly and confidently behind them all.

Please see below for the products that Goes Heating Systems can provide you with. If there are any questions please feel free to give us a call for any assistance.


  therm mix 3therm mix 2therm mixing Domestic Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Model 215,320,425

The size ranges from a single point of use to multiple fixtures.

GPM Ranges: .5-49

hwfp-2Armstrong introduced digital water temperature control to the world with The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV). Engineered exclusively for recirculating hot water systems, The Brain® simplifies your hot water system to deliver unparalleled accuracy, stability and safety. It offers programmable temperature alerts and a program to promote compliance with recommended Legionella guidelines.  

The Brain

Domestic Digital Mixing Valve


  • +/- 2°F / 1°C control
  • 2°F / 1°C minimum system temperature loss


  • Component self-diagnostics
  • Programmable set point & alerts
  • Programmable Thermal disinfection


  • Over temperature shutoff
  • Power failure shutoff
  • Emergency mode

GPM Ranges:  1-165GPM

 Station The Brain Mixing Stations

Utilizes the Brain as the heart of the controls but adds factory designed pre piped to insure proper function of the valve. Making installation as easy as possible for the contractor and peace of mind for the owner.

 flowrite Vertical Flowrite

Steam to Domestic Hot Water Heater


  • +/-2°F water temperature control at points of use 25’ downstream during demand
  • +/-2°F water temperature control during zero system demand  “idling” periods
  • 2°F minimum valve inlet to outlet temperature requirement (system re-circulation temperature loss)
  • Automatic shutoff of hot water flow upon cold water inlet supply failure
  • Automatic shutoff of hot water flow in the event of a power failure
  • Programmable set point range of 81-158°F (27-70°C)
  • Programmable 1st level hi/lo temp alarm display
  • Programmable temperature error level for double safety shutdown.