Advanced Thermal Hydronic

Advanced Thermal Hydronic (Hydrotherm KN-series)

Advanced Thermal Hydronic (Hydrotherm KN-series)

KN Series Boiler

In today’s commercial boiler market, efficiency is everything. From the volume of building space to boiler control room footprints and emission levels, careful consideration is paid to ensure that boilers can rise to the challenge of any application. So where do architects, engineers, building owners and contractors turn when they want top-notch performance with a reduced environmental foot print? KN Series by Advanced Thermal Hydronics.

Built with today’s diverse boiler applications in mind, the KN Series line of cast iron boilers by ATH are specifically engineered for environmental sustainability, all the while offering precise digital boiler control software, variable flow and modulating options for optimal boiler performance, regardless of installation size.

The condensing boiler sizes vary from 200 MBTU to 3,000 MBTU.

The cast iron heat exchanger is designed to handle the harsh environment of condensing. Its single pass heat exchanger can handle a wide range of temperatures and temperature rises. The gas side design distributes heat evenly across the entire exchanger, losing heat to the water as it travels down. The waterside of the exchanger adds heat evenly as it rises in the casting. These characteristics ensure an even stress distributing with no ‘hot’ spots within the sections.

Robust Heatnet Controls

All KN boilers come standard with Heatnet controls, which are an industry leading onboard controls systems. The abilities and information that modern day boilers and BMS systems are requiring are increasing at an exponential rate. Heatnet is one of the most robust onboard controls in the industry today. ATH is constantly updating firm ware to be up to date on usable data points for the end user. Being able to apply ATH boilers with Heatnet allows for flexibility in different configurations without additional control boards. This allows for future flexibility in your heating system for different configurations. The only information needed is which type of communication is required for integration to BMS, MSTP and IP are just to name a few.

We service all of Southwest Texas and have locations in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.


RBI Fully Condensing Boiler (90-99% efficient)


 Hydrotherm Boiler General Info - ATH-KN series Boiler  

Model: KN

Fully Condensing up to 99% efficient

Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Management System

Full Modulation

Size: 200 MBH – 3,000 MBH