549 HYDROCAL™ 3-in-1 Air, Dirt and Hydraulic Separator


HYDROCAL™ 3-in-1 Air, Dirt and Hydraulic Separator
Combination air, dirt and hydraulic separator that combines high performance air and dirt removal with hydraulic separation.
Epoxy resin coated steel body.  Brass air vent body, shutoff valve and drain valve body.  Stainless steel internal element and air vent float. VITON air vent seal.
With pre-formed insulation.

Connections:  Flanged 2”–6” ANSI B16.5 CLASS 150 RF
Particle separation capacity: to 5 µm
Maximum working pressure: 150 psi
Working temperature range:  32˚F – 220˚F
Working temperature without insulation:  32˚F – 250˚F

“NA” code prefix indicates ASME tagged and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Codes with the denotation of CRN indicate that the item is accepted and registered by the Canadian Registration Number (as defined by CSA B51 4.3).


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code connection flow capacity (gpm) lbs pack case
549052A 2″ flanged (with insulation) 37 77 1
NA549052A 2″ flanged (with insulation) 37 70 1
549062A 2-1/2″ flanged (with insulation) 62 86 1
NA549062A 2-1/2″ flanged (with insulation) ASME & CRN 62 83 1
NA549082A 3″ flanged (with insulation) ASME & CRN 94 122 1
549102A 4″ flanged (with insulation) 148 122 1
NA549102A 4″ flanged (with insulation) ASME & CRN 148 122 1
NA549150A 6″ flanged (with insulation) ASME & CRN 376 258 1
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