Newsletter #2

GOES covers the Globe with Weishaupt

by GOES Heating Systems

With our home market of Houston, Texas being the hub for the majority of the oil and gas industry, we have been asked to find several specialized projects. The latest venture overseas was with M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company. With locations in more than 75 countries around the world, M-I SWACO is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and production industry.

M-I SWACO recently procured 24 Weishaupt burners from an OEM product produced by M-I SWACO for the oil field. This product is used in the processing of oil and requires heat produced by the Weishaupt burners. These OEM products are being shipped to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The client requested the best burner on the market because reliability is a key factor in their product. With the constant volatility in energy prices, each day of production is critical and any down time results in major financial losses per day. Each unit requires 14 MBTU to process the petroleum adequately. This is achieved by installing 12 burners on each combustion chamber. This unique system has been in design for over two years.

GOES sales representative Calvin Timmons has been working diligently with M-I SWACO management along with Weishaupt engineers in Germany over the past 2 years to perfect this model. We have developed a central control system to allow all 12 burners to fire into a single combustion chamber based on temperatures and other factors.

GOES Heating Systems has the ability to handle several different unique burner applications through Weishaupt as well as any hot water or steam boiler retrofit, typically saving the end user 15-30% in fuel consumption.

Please feel free to contact your sales representative for more details.


GOES Heating Systems has a history of working with different facilities with the Weishaupt burner.  Champion Technologies has provided the greatest form of advertising for any company; a letter of recommendation.  The following is an excerpt: “Immediately after the Weishaupt burner was installed, we were able to burn a rated capacity of the 12,500,000 BTU/hr.  We recently had a third party emission test and the NOx levels were found to be comfortably lower than the required 30ppm.  The results were 26-27 ppm NOx corrected for 3% O^2.  The CO level was not detectable.  We were also pleased that the noise level of the boiler was noticeably lower, compared to the boiler with the original Kewanee burner.”

GOES Heating Systems wants to ensure your project is a success which is why we are involved from the initial structure through completion with job site visits, as built CAD drawings and factory start-up on all projects.

For a copy of the full letter of recommendation, please contact your sales representative.


Weishaupt’s new monarch burner series embody the virtues of exemplary low emissions and robust equipment for lasting reliable operation that Weishaupt customers have come to expect.  Thanks to the digital combustion management – incorporated as standard – installation, adjustment, operation and servicing the new Weishaupt monarch burners are easier and more precise than ever.

  • Complete linkage-less controls provide reliability not typical of other burners
  • Available in capacity boilers from 183,000 to 19,350,000 BTU/hr
  • Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners capable of firing #2 light oil as well as B5 and B10 bio fuels

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Issue #2, July 15, 2011