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HP computes big savings

Hewlett-Packard Central Plant, Tomball, TX

Hewlett-Packard, a top computer manufacturer in Houston has recently upgraded their hydronic heating Central Utility Plant from a steam/indirect system to a direct hydronic system. The steam/indirect system consisted of (1) 500 HP steam boiler and a steam-to-water heat exchanger.  This system had a set point for the hot water loop of 180o F.

The system was replaced with a “hybrid” hydronic heating system consisting of (2) Hydrotherm KN-20 condensing boiler and (3) RBI Futera III 2000 noncondensing boilers (all rated at 2,000 MBH each) totaling 10 MBTU with a turn-down ratio of 22-to-1. All boilers are connected together using CAT5 cabling using the standard on-board HeatNet® controls. This allows all five boilers to be controls by the master (main) boiler using one sensor in the main header piping and one outdoor sensor for system reset. The master boiler is tied to the buildings automation system by way of Bacnet MSTP protocol.  The master boiler, by way of HeatNet® control, stages and modulates boilers as the load changes in the hot

water loop. The hybrid boiler system can vary the hot water loop temperature from 110 degrees to 180 degrees depending on the outdoor air temperature. The new hybrid boiler system should save the company a minimum of 25% to 35% on their fuel consumption each year over the prior system.




Hydrotherm KN Series Boiler

The Hydrotherm KN Series boiler has revolutionized the heating industry by offering true full condensing in a cast iron boiler.  It is up to 99% thermal efficiency, offers 5-to-1 turndown modulation and comes standard with HeatNet®, Hydrotherm’s on-board boiler management system, which allows you to tie up to 8 boilers together to be controlled by one sensor providing outdoor reset and true lead/lag. It can also be tied into any building management system through ModBus, LonWorks or BACNet.

In recent years, Goes Heating Systems has taken this boiler and partnered it with their sister boiler company, RBI, to create the “hybrid” boiler system. This

incorporates the benefits of full condensing without the upfront cost normally associated. We have over 100 systems currently operational in the Central & South Texas markets and have seen many success story with some owners saving as much as 80% on their total energy bills.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other products, please feel free to contact us.



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